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Mingster Creative is a new set up company in Taiwan. We focus on designing and producing storage products with our exclusive patent in Taiwan, Japan, Germany and China.
We are focusing on designing and producing two types of products, the cosmetic/bottles organizer and business cards/office supplies organizer so far.
Our patent is that we use magnet to attach the storage case to the backboard and utilize the concave surface and convex surface of the magnet from the storage case and backboard to bear the weights.
Our goal of our design is to let people use the least space to organize their things properly and make it easier and more convenient to store and get things with our products.
Our Research and Design department are continuing to develop new products based on our patent. We also accept the demand of cosmic products.
If you need further information or assistance please don't hesitate to visit our website on the Taiwantrade and contact us.


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